• 2019.01.15
Kazy Hata, our CEO gave pitch at InsurTech Startup Meetup Vol.7.



The theme of the meetup was “Small-amount Short-term Insurance”.


From left to right,
CEO of justInCase: Kazy Hata
CEO of Tokyu Small-amount Short-term Insurance Inc: Yusuke Kawasaki
CEO of Eterna corporation: Kazuo Aizawa


The seventh InsurTech Startup Meetup was held on January 9.
Yusuke Kawasaki (Tokyu) and Kazuo Aizawa(Eterna) gave presentations about how to establish a short-amount short term insurance company and issues associated with that process.


Also we had Q&A session with the audience. We answered the questions like “Why p2p insurance did not accept by FSA?”, ”What is the strategy of Small-amount Short-term Insurance to win?”



InsurTech startup companies expand their businesses in the world, however, we only have few insurance startups in Japan.


The aim of the InsurTech Startup Meetup is to create a place for people interested in insurtech. We have meetups once a month on the 2nd Wednesday nights. We want to increase the number of insurtech players and accelerate the InsurTech market in Japan.