• 2020.03.26
Loyalty Marketing partners with justInCase to offer “Ponta Insurance” Use Ponta points to pay insurance premiums

Loyalty Marketing. Inc. (CEO: Takeshi Hasegawa, “LM”), which operates the common point service “Ponta”, partners with justInCase, Inc.(CEO: Kazy Hata, “justInCase”) to offer “Ponta Insurance” starting March 26, 2020. It is an insurance that customers can buy via using Ponta points.

Ponta Easy Insurance

LM has started the common point service “Ponta” since March 2010. This year marks the 10th anniversary. With the concept of “Convenience, Good Value and Fun”, Ponta serves more than 90 million members, who earn and use points in their daily lives. justInCase is a small-amount and short-term insurer founded in 2016, aiming to create value through innovation to “Make Insurance Interactive”. By utilizing Machine Learning, A.I. and other innovative technologies, justInCase strives for offering insurance products and services around the world that are yet to exist and foster new customer experience.

LM uses the insurance platform developed by justInCaseTechnologies, Inc., justInCase’s affiliate, to offer “Ponta Insurance” which creates value of safety and assurance for customers, in addition to the economic value.
 Customers can buy “Ponta Insurance” through any mobile devices. For Ponta members, as they are not required to enter personal information and just pay with Ponta points, the buying procedure is simple and easy. Besides Ponta points, payments by credit cards are also accepted, suitable for those who have insufficient Ponta points or non-Ponta members. Currently “Ponta Insurance” provides insurance for leisure, sports and golf starting from 1-day unit. It also provides Bicycle insurance for 1 year in the midst of the enforcement of the obligation of joining Bicycle insurance in Tokyo and Nara Prefecture since April 2020, while many other local governments have already adopted the enforcement.

In addition, LM will leverage the power of network of negotiation of our joint business partner Mitsubishi Corporation in the insurance industry to expand the product lines as well as consider new sales channels through the utilization of data owned by LM.

Details of “Ponta Insurance”

Service name Ponta Insurance
Service page (Japanese only) https://ponta.pointhoken.jp/
Insurance Offerings Leisure (from 1 day) 90 pts~
Leisure plus food poisoning (from 1 day) 95 pts~
Leisure plus rescue (from 1 day) 153 pts~
Sports (from 1 day) 90 pts~
Golf (from 1 day) 144 pts~
Sports (1 year) 244 pts~/month
Golf (1 year) 622 pts~/month
Bicycle (1 year) 263 pts~/month
※Insurance premium for female aged 20 to 24
Payment method Ponta points
Credit card(VISA/Mastercard/Amex/JCB/Diners/Discover)

※1Ponta point is equivalent to ¥1
※The insured cannot be older than 75 years old. The policyholder cannot be underaged or older than 75 years old
※The entire insurance payments must be settled either by Ponta points or credit card. It is not allowed to pay in the combination of both.

Services pages of “Ponta Insurance”

Ponta screen

Company Information

Name: Loytalty Marketing. Inc.
Address: 1-18-14 Ebisu Shibuya, Tokyo
CEO: Takeshi Hasegawa
Founded: 2008
URL: https://www.loyalty.co.jp/

Name: justInCase, Inc.
Address: 1-6-1 Chiyoda Otemachi, Tokyo
CEO: Kazy Hata
Founded: 2016
URL: https://justincase.jp/

Name: justInCase Technologies, Inc.
Address: 1-6-1 Chiyoda Otemachi, Tokyo
CEO: Kazy Hata
Founded: 2018
URL: https://justincase-tech.com/

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