• 2020.03.12
justInCase Leads the Insurance Industry to Experiment Fully Remote Work Environment

justInCase, Inc. and justInCasTechnologies, Inc, (CEO: Kazy Hata, “justInCase”) begin one-month fully-remote work experiment as a pioneer in the insurance industry starting from March 12, 2020.


Executives in the management team often tends to think they must appear and work in the office. Taking into the consideration of the new coronavirus, justInCase decided to experiment whether the performance of working remotely could be maintained to be the same as working in the office. Therefore, justinCase recommends all of our team members, including the management team, part-time workers and interns, to work outside of office. This is an experiment that CEO Hata works outside of Tokyo for a month to be physically distanced from justInCase’s team. The office remains open for use as usual, enabling team members to choose their best work environment.


justInCase has full-time employees who are working remotely in Japan and outside of Japan. They are mainly engineers, who are generally said to be more flexible for remote work. Other roles, such as business development and management, are included in this experiment with the desire to demonstrate whether a company could keep the performance in a fully remote work environment.


  • To prepare for the similar situation that may occur in the future due to the phenomenal outbreak of the new coronavirus and ensure the team can perform better than expected in any circumstances, the team
  • To become a company that can accommodate various working styles and life stages of team members
  • To create a work environment where team members could realize their full potential and make achievements regardless of their job roles.

About justInCase

As a small-amount and short-term insurer founded in 2016, justInCase aims to create value through innovation to make insurance become interactive. By utilizing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies, justInCase aims to offer insurance products and services around the world that are yet to exist.

About justInCaseTechnologies

Established in 2019, justInCaseTechnologies provides reliable and seamless insurance API technology and digital platform solutions for justInCase, as well as other insurance and business partners in finance and healthcare fields.

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