• 2019.07.18
justInCaseTech is Founded

justInCase, Inc., an insurtech company which provides innovative insurance through the use of cutting-edge technologies, has established a new entity, justInCaseTechnologies, Inc., which provides IT services related to insurance and financial services.


Since its founding, justInCase Inc. has been providing services to disrupt the insurance industry with IT technology. However, as a small amount and short-term insurer, justIncase, Inc. is not allowed to provide services in particular areas—the establishment of JustInCaseTechnologies, Inc. creates opportunities to provide these services.


justInCaseTechnologies Inc. provides IT services related to insurance and financial services, including but not limited to

  1. Provision of insurance API for insurance companies, including life, general and other small amount and short term insurers
  2. Provision of insurance API for business partners
  3. Insurance solutions and product development
  4. Provision of premium calculation algorithm by machine learning
  5. Other development and provision of insurance-related application services

Relationship with justInCase, Inc.

justIncase, Inc. and justInCaseTechnologies, Inc. share the same CEO and shareholders(※). However, they are separate entities without direct capital relationships.

(※)justInCaseTechnologies, Inc. shares the current funding allocated to justInCase, Inc.

Overseas Examples

The following are overseas examples of insurance companies which have established separate entities to provide IT services related to insurance, finance and/or healthcare.

  1. ZhongAn Technology (https://www.zhongan.io/en/) under Chinese online P&C insurer, ZhongAn Insurance (https://zhongan.com/)
  2. Ping An Technology (https://tech.pingan.com/en) under China’s Ping An Group (https://www.pingan.cn/)

About justInCaseTechnologies

Company Name : justInCaseTechnologies, Inc.(https://justincase-tech.com/

CEO : Kazuya Hata

Establishment Year : 2019

Address : Otemachi 1-6-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Areas of business : Insurance and financial IT services

For more information: info@justincase-tech.com

About justInCase

Compay Name: justInCase, Inc.(https://justincase.jp/

CEO : Kazuya Hata

Establishment Year: 2016

Address : Otemachi 1-6-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Areas of business : Small amount and short term insurance


For more information: info@justincase.jp