Insurance with a personal touch,
when you need.

We optimize insurance with our advanced technology.


Smartphone Insurance
Personal insurance for smartphone repair![See details]
Accident Insurance
On demand accidental insurance for your activity. [See details]
Credit Card Insurance Benefits Lookup
Check out your credit card complimentary insurance now for free! [See details]


About us

Actuaries, Chartered accountants, Engineers, Data scientists, and so on. We're global team, and want even more diversity!


2020.01.20 news
justInCase's 3-year anniversary was featured in Hoken Kenkyujo's General Insurance Publication
2020.01.20 news
justInCase's P2P Insurance was featured in Weekly Financial Affairs Magazine
2020.01.17 news
Kazy Hata our CEO as Speaker in ODR Review
2020.01.14 news
justInCase's P2P Insurance was featured in Nikkei News
2020.01.10 news
justInCase was featured in Toyokeizai Online


Tokyo Financial Award
1st place in the section of Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs => details
PnPJ award - Insurtech
Plug and Play Japan BATCH 1
Special award
B Dash Camp 2018 Spring in Fukuoka
Grand prize, Quick award
FIBC2018 (Financial Innovation Business Conference)
AWS award, Fujitsu award, Global Brain award
TechCrunch Tokyo 2017


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