Insurance API for your service

With a few codes, justInCase insurance API provides best insurance service for your users within your App.

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High Conversion Rate Insurance Experience

  • Insurance application can be completed within your service.
  • Relevant insurance at relevant timing. Nobody likes irrelevant ads.
  • API can be implemented either for App or Web.

Insurance API can be implemented for various service providers.

Accidental insurance for the service related to users' weekend acitivities.
Simple on-demand insurance. Suitable for creditcard as well as wallet App service.
Health Tech
Insurance Premium based on lifelog activities. Health tech insurance you have never seen.
Insurance for the products that users purchased or rent.

We produce bunch of products that fit you! Please ask for collaboration.

What's the example use cases?

Various insurance products for travel, transportation, sports, events, E-Commerce etc.

When users book transportation..

You can include "accidental insurance" application button in the booking screen so that users can enter insurance at right occassion.

When users book transportation,

(airplane, train, bus, rental car etc)

enter "accidental insurance".

(e.g. insurance application button in the booking screen)

Examples of suitable service

When users rent goods..

In ncase any belongins to be rent or shared, "belonging insurance" can be added into your service. IT can be either B2B, B2C or C2C.

When users rent a good that can be damaged,

(camera, smartphone, computer, recording device etc.)

enter "belonging insurance".

(e.g. insurance application button in the payment screen)

Examples of suitable service

How does it work?

Once we have signed insurance distribution agreement between service provider and justInCase, then justInCase provides insurance API into the service provider.

Four steps implementation

Inquiry to justInCase.
Discuss implementation method and cost.
Finalize suitable UX to start API implementation.
Service starts.



Is this only for Japanese?
No. we can provide insurance API service/insurers out of Japan too.
How long does it take to implement the insurance API?
It depends on how your service is provided and how you want to implement the API. Please don't hesitate to ask us!
How much does it cost to implement the insurance API?
It depends on how much customization is required, as well as how muhc development is required. Please don't hesitate to ask us!
Can the API be implemented into web service?
Yes it works with web service as well as App.
What should we do if our users ask us about insurance after insurance API service is implemented?
We can agree which party to have customer service function. We can also provie chat bot service for the customer interaction.

Please feel free to ask us for any questions!